Plastic-eating worms and the nylonase story

Nylonase is a popular evolutionary icon as nylon is a recent human invention and a nylon-eating bacteria strand was discovered in 1975. But beyond inquiries into the “evolutionary mechanism” powering this strand, the question is: does this story even make sense? Recent research shows that common mealworms can safely biodegrade various types of plastic. Most […]

The Mandatory Evolution Statement

Let’s analyze a typical reference to Evolution in a scientifically oriented article. This random passage from Wikipedia refers to Diatoms: Heterokont chloroplasts appear to derive from those of red algae, rather than directly from prokaryotes as occurred in plants. This suggests they had a more recent origin than many other algae. However, fossil evidence is […]

Discrete versus Gradualism

        Gradualism is the cornerstone of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution because without it, he could not justify one organism evolving into another. ‘Gradualism’ equals ‘Continuity’ and nothing more. It does not describe the direction, the speed or anything else we would like to know about that process. In math, a function is gradual […]

Arising of Everything

Too often it’s assumed that thing “arise”. As in: a. “The universe arises in the Big Bang” b. “Life arises from non life” c. “Human intelligence arises from animals” d. “Consciousness arises” e. “AI machines will arise” It’s better to say “we have no idea” than assume these – so far – insurmountable, qualitative jumps […]

The Kingdom of Speech – by Tom Wolfe

A brief book that is not so much about Speech as it is about toppling false prophets. We learn a great deal about the sordid intrigue that made Darwin the historic personality he is while keeping the lowly “fly catcher” Wallace in semi-obscurity. One hundred fifty years later, a somewhat parallel story develops between Noam […]

A cinematic approach to drug resistance (Stunning Videos of Evolution in Action)

The experiment (and video) shows bacterium Escherichia Coli adapting to increasingly higher doses of antibiotics on a dish divided into sections saturated with various doses of medication. Mutations to the antibiotic medium resulted in initial growth slowdown. New territory growth was lead by the strains that were sufficiently strong and close to the antibiotic frontier, […]

Evolution is Creation

Evolution is defined as (a) “Changes in gene frequencies in populations” or (b) “The process through which the characteristics of organisms change over successive generations, by means of genetic variation and natural selection” or (c) “Evolution is Common Descent”.  However, (a) is too broad as every newborn changes the gene frequency in a population, (b) […]