Testing Evolution

Evidence for Evolution (Common Descent) has so far been indirect: (a) similarities between living organisms, (b) similarities between the living and the fossils, and (c) extrapolations of observed biological changes across a few generations. But the (a) and (b) data is often misjudged (clearly designed human creations such as transportation implements also fit the patterns), […]

Discrete versus Gradualism

        Gradualism is the cornerstone of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution because without it, he could not justify one organism evolving into another. ‘Gradualism’ equals ‘Continuity’ and nothing more. It does not describe the direction, the speed or anything else we would like to know about that process. In math, a function is gradual […]

Center of the Universe

Geo-centrism was the standard model of the Universe until the 16th century when Helio-centrism took over. More recently, we are told the Sun itself rotates around the center of the Galaxy and in fact the whole Universe expands like the surface of a balloon which means every single point in the Universe becomes its center […]

Lamarckism and Darwinism

Current progress in epigenetics makes some reconsider Lamarckism, the pre-Darwinian view that organisms can pass on characteristics acquired during lifetime to their offspring (also known as heritability of acquired characteristics or soft inheritance). In this narrow definition, then epigenetics can indeed be interpreted as proof of Lamarckism, just as certain biologic adaptations are interpreted as […]

Alien life… on Earth – the Great Abiogenesis Experiment!

Life is everywhere around us, so abiogenesis should be a breeze. The environment is great for life, and we have access to all the [material] building blocks, including simple atoms, simple and complex molecules, full body parts, and “almost alive” (the recently dead) full bodies. We’re endowed with the human brain, the most advanced entity […]

The Trolley Problem

The Trolley Problem is a false dilemma once framed correctly. Most people take a mistaken utilitarian view when facing the first part of this test, while a majority takes a correct decision when the problem is re-framed in a follow up scenario. Description: You are the driver of a runaway tram which you can only […]

Hard Science Is Soft Science

The Reproducibility Project – an effort to reproduce the findings of 100 articles in three top psychology journals has been recently in the news due to its important findings. The study led by Dr. Brian Nosek of the University of Virginia and the Center for Open Science found that out of 100 experimental and correlational […]

Fixing Education

Fixing the Education problem in the US is easy: Put children first, not the teacher union. The goal should be knowledge for the children, not welfare for teachers and not employment for the support personnel. Open the system by letting former professionals teach – teaching needs not be a career, but a skill that any […]

Socialism and Religion

The poor and poverty in general are important topics of many Religions, including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Sharing one’s wealth with the poor is strongly recommended. Socialism promotes common ownership of goods, with the stated purpose of eliminating poverty. On the surface, these are very similar teachings, so how compatible are Socialism and the main […]