Is ‘Darwin’s Missing Evidence’ just racism disguised as science?

When he wrote ‘Darwin’s Missing Evidence’, H. B. D. Kettlewell was right to think that the fossil record cannot possibly be evidence for evolution – after all, fossils do not come with proof of link to other existing or fossilized organisms. For one to see a link, one must presuppose a link, rendering the whole argument a classic example of circular logic. But is the peppered moth experiment any better?

The photographs have been staged with dead moths pinned to tree trunks – since peppered moths don’t normally rest on trunks but rather up in trees where they can’t be seen. And even if this were not the case, color changes are ubiquitous in nature as in chameleons, crustaceans, insects, cephalopods, flamingos, seasonally changing coats, and even sun tanning humans. If the argument is that color change is “speciation” (whatever that means), then the human races are also different species? This racism is indeed in line with the Darwinian views: Malthusianism, “struggle for survival”, “survival of the fittest” and the Nazism/Communism-inspiring eugenics, but very wrong.

Color changes as well as metabolic, antibiotic, antibiotic-resistance, and many other adaptations is what organisms do day in and day out. Yet none of these normal adaptations has ever been observed to cause transmutation into other organisms – the primary claim of Darwinism. And no, classifying closely related organism into arbitrary and poorly defined “species” for the unstated purpose of fabricating evidence does not constitute serious proof on behalf of Darwin’s theory.


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