The Multiverse is Untenable

  1. Other universes besides ours would solve a number of problems of the atheistic belief system. These include:
    1. Our universe is fine-tuned for life, and more importantly for mankind;
    2. Entropy is ever increasing suggesting unacceptable initial conditions;
    3. Quantum physics disproves determinism;
    4. The unity of the universe supporting the One Creator hypothesis.

The purpose of the multiverse hypothesis is that many universes would make the impossible possible and the unique trivial. Yet the multiverse hypothesis is untenable for several reasons.

  1. First problem of the multiverse is that there is absolutely no evidence for it and not even a theoretical method to validate this hypothesis.
  2. The Second problem is that some things are impossible even with an infinity of universes. For instance, the infinite set of even numbers contains no odd numbers. Also, one cannot imagine a universe in which logic or arithmetic is different than we know. Therefore the multiverse hypothesis, even if true, would not solve the problems of the atheistic belief system.
  3. The Third problem is that the set of universes making the multiverse is a set of integers, U1, U2… each associated with its own set of universal constants S1, S2… The multiverse would therefore contain an integer set of universes and constants, U-S1, U-S2 … However, integers are a peculiar set, itself fine-tuned. If the initial fine-tuning is rejected, so too should be this multiverse hypothesis. The alternative to a fine-tuned integer set would be a fluid multiverse where the constants and other properties change continuously from place to place and over time. And if so, all currently accepted cosmology would have to be scrapped and replaced with total chaos.
  4. The universe is unitary from the laws of physics to life to deep space. God (not “gods”!) makes the unity of the universe a must and this is exactly what we have observed so far. The same unity is contrary to “evolution”, multiverse and the atheistic belief system in general. Without God, one would expect random “laws of physics”, random cosmogony episodes, random abiogenesis events, and random entropy variations. None of these have been observed or even theorized, consistent with and only with the God-Creation hypothesis.
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