The ultimate Darwinist-Materialist Dictionary in five volumes – work in progress


  1. Artificial Intelligence – If Darwinism is true, the hammer will grow a brain sooner or later
  2. Atavism – According to Darwin, features present in platform-designed entities like cars of which certain models are left with “atavistic” features.
  3. Benefic Mutation – Unsubstantiated claim given that all mutations observed are tradeoffs. No mutation has been observed to spread irreversibly throughout the global population (which they would do if “benefic” in absolute).
  4. Cladistic analysis (consilience of independent phylogenies) – An assumption that demonstrates itself; the idea that the “tree of life” classification of organisms is somehow objective despite being a creation of very zealous “evolution” advocates. See ‘Nested hierarchies’.
  5. Convergent Evolution – A big headache for the “random, unguided, and purposeless” evolutionists since getting to the same outcome demands an explanation. Galileo Galilei said: “It [the universe] is written in mathematical language”. How do the marsupials mirror the placental animals unless it was meant to be?
  6. Cambrian Explosion – Move along folks, nothing to see here – just “gradualism” exploding
  7. Cosmic Inflation – Plug-in for universe uniformity assuming the Big Bang?
  8. Dark Matter – Placeholder for planetary model failures?
  9. Dark Energy – Placeholder for universe expansion model?
  10. Darwinism – see ‘just-so story’.
  11. Descent with Modification – Modification of what? The messy mix of DNA in sexual reproduction is not modification of anything.
  12. Directed Evolution – Controlled breeding that negates both “random variation” and “natural selection”. Is the Creator back, and in charge of the creation?
  13. Divergence of Character – Postulated but not demonstrated. Not even in e-Coli after fifty (?) years! Variability around the mean and reversible adaptations are erroneously passed as “divergence of character”.
  14. Evolutionary Arms Race – How do you “race” when stuff you have no control over just happens to you and when extinction is always an option? If enough dogs chase after cars, would some grow wheels and start drinking gasoline?
  15. Gradualism – A nowhere-to-be-see- in-biology Darwin brain fart to justify his preconceptions.
  16. Intelligent Design – “Nonscientific” and “religious” argument to be contrasted with the “scientific” and “nonreligious” Darwinist argument according to the high priests of Darwinism.
  17. Just-so story – Darwin and his followers’ choice arguments.
  18. Living fossils – Organisms that refuse to “evolve” (aren’t we all?)
  19. Natural Selection – Collection of magical incantations that “explain” how things design themselves for no particular reason.
  20. Nested hierarchies – A very subjective classification sold as objective despite all evidence. Also a hilarious example of Circular Logic 101: an assumption supposedly proved by the very same model that uses said assumption.
  21.  Randomness – Noise magically turning itself into information with a little help from “natural selection” magical incantations.
  22. Sexual Selection – “They select those features because they have been selected to select those features by selected ancestors selecting the same features” – a quote from Circular Logic 101.
  23. Speciation – How would we know “speciation” when we don’t know what a “species” is? Shouldn’t “gradualism” rule out distinct species with individual variants around a mean?
  24. Struggle for Survival – What about the very common “Cooperation for Survival”? And we’re just witnessing human population declines that squarely disprove this assumption. Other species have gone extinct for no particular reason other than not knowing about Darwin’s “Struggle for Survival” (stay in school, fishes!).
  25. Supernatural – That which is not yet know (like nuclear power before 1900), hence rejected out of ignorance.
  26. Transitional Organism – Earth should be full of them unless “evolution” stopped or never started. But like “Benefic Mutations” they are nowhere to be seen alive or fossil.