The Multiverse is Untenable

Other universes besides ours would solve a number of problems of the atheistic belief system. These include: Our universe is fine-tuned for life, and more importantly for mankind; Entropy is ever increasing suggesting unacceptable initial conditions; Quantum physics disproves determinism; The unity of the universe supporting the One Creator hypothesis. The purpose of the multiverse […]

Marmorkrebs disprove “Natural Selection”

The facts A 2008 study popularized by Michael Blastland in his book, ‘The Hidden Half’, shows that genetically identical crayfish (clones) from the same batch and grown in a tightly controlled identical environment vary wildly in size, lifespan, behavior, appearance, growth rate, molting, reproduction, etc. The microenvironment In this case, the microenvironment is that which […]

Descent with Modification misrepresentation

Darwin defined “evolution as “descent with modification”. But modification of what? The messy mix of DNA in sexual reproduction is not modification of anything. Two become three in sexual reproduction while one becomes two in mitosis and budding. No parent is being modified. Either way, descent by definition is the creation of new entities. Modification […]

Irreducible Complexity – a Weak Argument

Darwin’s call to challengers is absurd. In The Origin of Species (1859), he wrote, “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down. But I can find out no such case.” This is NOT how science […]

William Paley’s Excellent Argument

Paley’s teleological argument is: just as the function and complexity of a watch implies a watch-maker, so likewise the function and complexity of the universe implies the existence of a universe-maker. Paley also addressed a number of possible counterarguments Objection: We don’t know who the watchmaker is. Paley: Just because we don’t know who the […]

“Of Miracles” – why wrong

Hume’s often cited argument against miracles is, in brief, that these should be rejected because they contravene the laws of nature that have been verified over and over again. The argument continues with the claims that the human mind is unstable and no miracle has in fact had enough witnesses of sufficient honesty, intelligence, and […]

The REAL “Problem of Evil”

“Problem of evil” is supposed to disprove God because, a) A God that is all powerful would be able to prevent evil. b) A God that is all knowing would know that evil happens. c) A God that is all loving wouldn’t want evil to happen and would take needed action to stop it. d) […]

Evolution affirms the Consequent

Affirming the Consequent is a logical fallacy that takes a known true statement [if P then Q] and invalidly concluding its converse [if Q then P]: If Bill Gates owns Fort Knox, then Bill Gates is rich. Bill Gates is rich. Therefore, Bill Gates owns Fort Knox. False! If an animal is a dog, then […]

Universal Common Descent Dilemma

Despite lack of observational basis, Darwin proposed Universal Common Descent (UCD) saying: “Therefore I should infer from analogy that probably all the organic beings which have ever lived on this earth have descended from some one primordial form, into which life was first breathed“. He also said elsewhere (referring to UCD): “…the littlest creature (or […]

Nested Hierarchies (Tree of life)

“Nested hierarchies” or “cladistic analysis” or “consilience of independent phylogenies” is often offered as support for Darwinist evolution. This is the idea that the “tree of life” classification of organisms is somehow objective despite being a creation of very zealous “evolution” advocates. The three basic assumptions of cladistics models are: a) Any group of organisms […]

Speciation Problems

“Biologic species” does not have a satisfactory definition. Most often “species” is defined as “the largest group of organisms in which two individuals can produce fertile offspring, typically by sexual reproduction”. The fertility “barrier” is however arbitrary, inadequate for closely related species, and irrelevant to the vast group of asexually reproducing organisms. Since organisms do […]

Extended Evolutionary Synthesis (EES)

“Modern synthesis” never was anything other than Darwinism hitchhiking the real science of Genetics out of its well deserved obscurity. But Mendel’s genetics demolished Darwin’s “gradualism” and is the anti-Darwin and true, testable science unlike Darwinism. Therefore, the shotgun marriage between Mendel and Darwin known as “Modern Synthesis” never made any sense. Blending inheritance in […]

Is ‘Darwin’s Missing Evidence’ just racism disguised as science?

H. B. D. Kettlewell in his ‘Darwin’s Missing Evidence’ was right to think that the fossil record cannot possibly be evidence for evolution – after all, fossils do not come with proof of link to other existing or fossilized organisms. For one to see a link, one must presuppose a link, rendering the whole argument […]

Microevolution Fallacy

Some (including the ID crowd) accept microevolution defined as observable adaptations in populations, while rejecting macroevolution defined as the never observed and very much doubtful Darwinist “common descent”. The problem is that micro and macro are just generic qualifiers that come in pairs, while evolution – the word retained – is in fact the concept […]

Life and Warm Little Pond (and Miller Urey)

Darwin’s “warm little pond” was first mentioned in 1871, years after his “On the Origin of Species” where he said: “probably all the organic beings which have ever lived on this earth have descended from some one primordial form, into which life was first breathed”. To this, “…by the Creator” was added in later editions. […]

Testing Evolution

Evidence for Evolution (Common Descent) has so far been indirect: (a) similarities between living organisms, (b) similarities between the living and the fossils, and (c) extrapolations of observed biological changes across a few generations. But the (a) and (b) data is often misjudged (clearly designed human creations such as transportation implements also fit the patterns), […]

Center of the Universe

Geo-centrism was the standard model of the Universe until the 16th century when Helio-centrism took over. More recently, we are told the Sun itself rotates around the center of the Galaxy and in fact the whole Universe expands like the surface of a balloon which means every single point in the Universe becomes its center […]

Lamarckism and Darwinism

Current progress in epigenetics makes some reconsider Lamarckism, the pre-Darwinian view that organisms can pass on characteristics acquired during lifetime to their offspring (also known as heritability of acquired characteristics or soft inheritance). In this narrow definition, then epigenetics can indeed be interpreted as proof of Lamarckism, just as certain biologic adaptations are interpreted as […]

Alien life… on Earth – the Great Abiogenesis Experiment!

Life is everywhere around us, so abiogenesis should be a breeze. The environment is great for life, and we have access to all the [material] building blocks, including simple atoms, simple and complex molecules, full body parts, and “almost alive” (the recently dead) full bodies. We’re endowed with the human brain, the most advanced entity […]

The Trolley Problem

The Trolley Problem is a false dilemma once framed correctly. Most people take a mistaken utilitarian view when facing the first part of this test, while a majority takes a correct decision when the problem is re-framed in a follow up scenario. Description: You are the driver of a runaway tram which you can only […]

Hard Science Is Soft Science

The Reproducibility Project – an effort to reproduce the findings of 100 articles in three top psychology journals has been recently in the news due to its important findings. The study led by Dr. Brian Nosek of the University of Virginia and the Center for Open Science found that out of 100 experimental and correlational […]

Fixing Education

Fixing the Education problem in the US is easy: Put children first, not the teacher union. The goal should be knowledge for the children, not welfare for teachers and not employment for the support personnel. Open the system by letting former professionals teach – teaching needs not be a career, but a skill that any […]

Socialism and Religion

The poor and poverty in general are important topics of many Religions, including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Sharing one’s wealth with the poor is strongly recommended. Socialism promotes common ownership of goods, with the stated purpose of eliminating poverty. On the surface, these are very similar teachings, so how compatible are Socialism and the main […]