Arising of Everything

  1. Too often it’s assumed that thing “arise”. As in:
    1. “The universe arose in the Big Bang”
    2. “Galaxies and planetary systems arose from cosmic dust”
    3. “Life arises from non life”
    4. “Species arise from other species”
    5. “Human intelligence arises from animals”
    6. “Consciousness arises”
    7. “AI machines will arise”
  2. It’s better to say “we have no idea” than assume these – so far – insurmountable, qualitative jumps are trivial. The only experiences we have with “arising” are failures like “spontaneous generation” and “infinite monkey”.
  3. The discontinuities mentioned here, as well as many others, have never been observed and cannot be duplicated or conceptualized properly. “Explanations” are sometimes given by proponents, but these never amount to more than myths.
  4. An example of meaningless “explanation” is the one given for “Human intelligence arises from animals”. We are told that somehow, a group of animals came across fire or plentiful food, and that extra energy resource caused bigger human brains to “arise”. But all hypothesis tests result in increased populations or larger individuals, and never significantly smarter ones. And other “explanations” like bipedalism fare no better. In the end, we’re asked to take an insurmountable leap of faith.
  5. Both elephants and whales are bigger and have bigger brains than humans, yet neither is more intelligent. Why didn’t they get smarter instead of bigger or why not get both bigger and smarter? Even apes, small or big are more or less the same in intelligence. Between them there’s no significant chasms such as between human and any ape.
  6. In nature, simple Accumulations do not result in untraceable Transformations. Even when they seem to do, such as in liquefaction-gasification, a catalyst (pressure/temperature) is present, and the process is repeatable.
  7. Proponents of the “arising explanation” disregard their own teaching. Whenever they wake up in pain, they seek the root cause of the problem rather than just think it simply “arose” for no reason. When observing what appears as a non-random pattern in an unexpected place, they also seek an explanation rather than shrug it off as an “arising”.
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