Shattering the Myths of Darwinism – by Richard Milton

This is an explosive book, full of important ideas that only few are aware of. I don’t even remember how I came across the book, the author and, most importantly, his ideas in 2017, or twenty-five years after its first edition. This is a testament to the efficiency of the monstrous Darwinist propaganda machine that some of us seek to overcome. Let’s take a look at Richard Milton’s main thoughts captured here:

Mendel gave credence to Darwin’s Evolution – too bad we have to start with this inaccuracy. Mendel was ignored by Darwin. Could that be because Mendel disproves Darwin’s Gradualism? The “Synthesis” between Genetics and Evolution is an unnatural marriage of convenience that came much later. A closer examination aided by Mendelian genetics shows that biology is in fact discrete, and that gradualism is nowhere to be found in biology.

The Fossil Record – Radiometric Dating. This is supposed to be an absolute dating method [because radioactive decay is supposedly not affected by anything due to the atomic nucleus at the center of the atom being buffered by surrounding electrons and external conditions], yet radioactive dating is plagued by several problems. Sedimentary rocks may incorporate preexisting radioactive materials. Carbon dating assumes C 14 deposition rate is constant, but C 14 is formed faster that it decays and is formed at a variable rate. Lead isotopes (uranium decay) can be formed not only through decay, but also through the capture of free neutrons. In uranium and thorium decay, radiogenic helium doesn’t match predictions. Measuring Argon 40 may include Argon not formed in the Potassium-Argon decay process. Strontium 87 occurs naturally besides the result of Rubidium decay.

The Fossil Record – Deposition Rate Dating. Sedimentary materials could not have been deposited at a constant rate given that fossil organisms had to be quickly and entirely buried to be preserved in a cataclysmic event. With an uniformitarian assumption and circular logic, fossils date rocks and rocks date fossils.

The Fossil Record – Other Dating. Tree rings may not form if the years the tree is stressed and several rings will form in other years. Increasing salinity of oceans assumes, without proof, zero initial salt in the oceans, constant erosion on land, and no salt recirculation.

The Catastrophe Hypothesis. Several natural features such as continental drift, the melting of the Wisconsin ice cap, salt (no fossils), chalk (no fossils), and coal (includes fossilized trees) deposits are best explained by the Catastrophe Hypothesis rather than by the standard Uniform Deposition Hypothesis. Evidence also points towards the rapid rise of mountain ranges.

The Fossil Record – Transitional Species. Assuming Evolution true, a large number of intermediate fossils should have been found and many transitional organisms should also be alive today. Saltation, Recapitulation, Living Fossils, and Convergent Evolution are offered sometimes as explanation, but none of these is based on any evidence.

Survival of the Fittest. Natural Selection makes no predictions and may fit mutually contradictory outcomes such as ‘organisms have reached a fitness peak on which they will remain for ever’ but also ‘organisms should regress to the safest common denominator (single-celled)’. There are no meaningful studies of Natural Selection – there’s nothing to study. There’s much more cooperation than struggle between animals. Successful survivor is often not the most capable hunter and lucky ones survive more often than “the best”. Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest are tautologies.

Just how far can species vary? No one has ever bread a new species artificially. There’s a limit to adaptation as in in sugar content of beets, Drosophila bristles, no black tulip, no blue rose, no green mouse. There are major problems with biologic definitions such as ‘Species’. Darwin’s finches mate just fine with each other and are not confined to specific islands. Calling observable adaptation Micro-Evolution makes it easier to suggest the unobservable and doubtful Macro-Evolution.

Spontaneous Genetic Mutation. Since Natural Selection is impotent, then Spontaneous Mutation must be the creative engine needed. However, while dead-end negative mutations are well known, “novation” mutations have never been observed. Computer simulations only show that a software creator gets whatever he programmed to get out of the machine. Engineering optimization programs are helpless without the engineer’s knowledge of all parameters.

Homology – the anatomical correspondence between different species. Individual genes do not necessarily correspond to individual characteristics. Supposedly vestigial organs turn out one by one to have some function in the organism.  The evo-devo recapitulation myth continues to persist despite being shown wrong. Marsupial similarities to placental organisms dispel the purposeless wandering myth while “convergent evolution” is just a convenience that doesn’t explain anything.  Homo fossils are meager at best, but they have been “restored” to look like an evolutionary succession.

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