Darwin on Trial – by Phillip E. Johnson

The author of this short and compelling book is a legal scholar that brings a much needed scientific rigor to the debate, while not appealing to authority or the law in support of his case unlike the Darwinists that do both whereas, ironically, also opportunistically seek the support of the Galileo affair.

Regarding “natural selection”, the author points out the limited variants obtained by the most skilled and determined breeders, the tautology of “survival of the fittest”, and the necessity of this unproven mechanism given the preexisting philosophical bias of Darwinists. He also shows that the observed minor variability of organisms does not guarantee in any way the organisms transmutation imagined by Darwin’s followers. The fossil record shows stasis and sudden appearance of new organisms (see Cambrian explosion) rather than the gradual transformation expected by evolutionists.

Darwinists take for granted that “relationship” is equivalent to common ancestry and combine this with the gradualism supposition to a new belief in clock-like rates molecular evolution. Naturalism is the strongest belief of Darwinist and so dearly held that it is not only never debated, but also defended in the court of justice and by brute force everywhere else. With this assumption, evolution is [naturally] the only explanation they can imagine and therefore the winner by default. Evolution is of course a religion with a strong creation myth despite fake appeals to the scientific method, freedom of religion, and NOMA (non-overlapping Magisteria). It is not falsifiable in the Popper tradition and it is force-fed to young minds as any other dogma.

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