Knowledge and Intelligence

  • Knowledge grows, while Intelligence not so much if at all
  • Human Intelligence is limited and not growing over one’s life
  • Higher Intelligence through cooperation, AI/machines, chemistry/genetics, etc. is unlikely to succeed
  • Intelligence is reset with every dying generation and limited by the body’s physical characteristics
  • Mankind’s average Intelligence can/should be optimized; Peak Intelligence cannot fully comprehend the Universe.

Philosophy, Religion, and Science

  • Humans acquire knowledge through Philosophy, Religion, and Science (i.e. Scientific Method)
  • Philosophy, Religion, and Science are combinations of Beliefs, Reason, and Observations; however…
  • There is no “Reason” but billions of individual Reasons, each built from individual Observations and Beliefs
  • As combinations of Belief and Observable, Science and Religion are not in conflict…
  • Instead, individual Beliefs are in conflict with those of other individuals
  • Science is never settled and indeed subjective because it incorporates personal Beliefs
  • Belief will never be obsolete because the Observable will never cover the whole Knowledge Map
  • The Observable is a validator of our Beliefs and individuals always do their best to reconcile the two

Tools of Knowledge

  • “Give me a place to stand on, and I will move the Earth” – Archimedes. Does Human Knowledge have “a place to stand on”?
  • Mathematics (including logic and statistics), scientific laws, laws of the living, etc. are the Tools of Knowledge
  • The Tools of Knowledge were given to us without a full instruction manual or the power to change them
  • It’s an act of faith to assume the Tools of Knowledge are universal based on limited observations
  • We don’t know the origin of the Tools, but can infer an organized, intelligent, and powerful source

Evolution is Creation

  • Unlike Genetics, Evolution Theory has no practical value; the two were completely unrelated until Dobzhansky’s forced “synthesis” of the two in 1937
  • Evolution fails all tests for scientific hypothesis: not Observed; not Replicated; not Falsifiable; no Predictive power; does not Illuminate other areas of science
  • Evolution is overrepresented in culture solely as a religious argument
  • Natural Laws were never in conflict with Creation before Darwin
  • Evolution Theory is based on poorly constructed key arguments (just to deny Intelligent Design):
    • 1. “Natura non facit saltum” (gradualism) is illogical and contrary to everything we know about the absolute discreteness of organisms.
    • 2. “Randomness” is unknowable and never a source of creativity
    • 3. “Natural Selection” – everything is natural and all selection is done exclusively by living organisms (Intelligent Selectors)
    • 4. “Blind, mindless, unguided and purposeless” qualifiers are utterly unsupported by evidence
    • 5. Selection and Survival are one and the same – the selected survive and the surviving have been selected
    • 6. “Fit” as in “survival of the fittest” cannot be measured except as “survival” (circular logic)
    • 7. “Four or five”…or LUCA (Last Universal Common Ancestor) is illogical as, in a generic “primordial soup” scenario, if one happens then many happen but “spontaneous generation” has failed up to now
    • 8. There are no examples whatsoever of “Arising” as in “Arising of Everything” and “Life vs. Entropy
    • 9. “Benefit” and “optimization” are anthropic concepts incompatible with the mechanistic universe envisioned by Darwin and his followers
    • 10. One must presume evolution to see evolutionary links in the fossil record – this “proof” is circular logic. Conversely, organisms’ resemblance is typical for common designed entities.
  • A compatible Origin scenario for the “Origin of Species” is purely speculative as of today
  • Living organisms follow specific laws that have no equivalent in the nonliving universe
  • Organisms change permanently, so Evolution cannot be measured
  • Specie and Speciation are concepts abandoned by even some of the most ardent supporters of the theory
  • Evolution does not meet the high burden of proof for a Belief to end all competing Beliefs
  • Evolution can be a mechanism of Creation as in the Evolution/Creation of the automobile

Best Religion

  • We all have Beliefs, and we rank them superior to those of others
  • Like small children that lack deep understanding, we quarrel over the “best” Belief
  • At times, parents do not correct their children to accommodate their naivety, and to let them grow independently
  • As children of God (the Universe), let us do our best without worrying about who is right, as none of us is

Atheism is Religion

  • Like all religions, Atheism has a strong Belief System, transcending the Observable
  • Atheism has idols, dogma, prophets, priests, “temples of science”, rituals, martyrs, and proselytism
  • Denying ‘Atheism is a Religion’ is a specific practice that helps merge Atheism with the “secular” state to the detriment of other Religions
  • Atheists suffer the illusion of control (“masters of our own destiny”) fostered by stable modern societies
  • The Atheistic Promised Land is an unattainable full knowledge of the Universe that makes Belief obsolete
  • Atheism ignores Belief while assuming only Observation and Reason (divorced from Belief) as critical to Knowledge

Random Abuse

  • Randomness cannot be positively identified from outcomes
  • “Random” Mutations (as in Evolution) cannot be proven; and in any case, Randomness is canceled by the ensuing Selection process
  • “Random” Mutations together with “Unguided Natural Selection” are supposed to make the Creator redundant
  • The Infinite Monkey Test not only fails to prove an “Unguided” Evolution, but utterly misses the non-random meaning of masterpieces to mankind
  • Because our actions are Purposeful, the Universe itself is Purposeful, if it contains or not Random elements
  • Evolution would be meaningless in a Random Universe as would likely be all Natural Laws and everything else

Arising of everything

  • Arising (Universe, Life, Intelligence, Consciousness, Machines, etc.) is a pure assumption never supported by observations
  • “Spontaneous generation” is the only [failed!] theory of arising
  • Discontinuities have never been observed and cannot be duplicated or conceptualized properly
  • “Explanations” or “Arising” are meaningless and or easily countered
  • Natural Accumulations never cause untraceable Transformations. Only Catalysts explain and make experiments repeatable


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